Do You Want to be in the Cannabis Business?
We are expanding our operation to include unpackaged bulk wholesale orders.  If you are interested in buying large quantities of premium indoor hemp flower, we can be your supplier.  Don't settle for anything other than small-batch indoor smokable-grade hemp flower from Next Generation Farms!  Email us for details.
We will give you FREE items for your Referrals!
We want more customers and you want free product!  Let's make a deal!  For every one of your referrals that makes a purchase at NGF, we will give you a $10 coupon and 200 loyalty points.   AND, if you provide 20 confirmed referrals, we  will give you 50% off all of your purchases for an entire year!  Try to get that deal somewhere else!  Sign up for the Referral and Loyalty Program by clicking on the purple Rewards tab to the right.

NGF is an indoor, small-batch, hemp-growing operation located in Chattanooga TN. We grow premium top-shelf hemp flower specifically for the customer who desires a great smoke.  We also provide CBD tinctures, topicals, and edibles sourced from local companies who practice our same level of excellence.  Shop with us.  You need go nowhere else.

Past and Present Flower
Maraschino Hemp Flower Live Plant
Orange Sunrise Hemp Flower Live Plant
Picard Hemp Flower LIve Plant
Peaches Hemp Flower Live Plant
BaOx Hemp Flower Live Plant

We will add a complimentary Beamer grinder and Elements cones to any order of flower, while supplies last!

Great Hemp Flower

CBD Tinctures and Topicals

Check out our latest Blog Entry that discusses how best to determine the quality of your hemp flower purchase.

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