Peaches Hemp Flower

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We at NGF are constantly looking for the "better bud."  Our main advantage as an indoor-growing-operation is our ability to "dial in" the genetics.  Our Peaches strain is one of our best efforts and is officially this harvest's NGF FAVORITE.

Peaches is an absolute favorite among all of our customers and is one of the most well-rounded varieties in our genetic arsenal. Packing a serious punch, this sweet, bubblegum-scented bud is the perfect balance of mind and body. Great for relaxing without feeling too weighed down or tired. Did we mention the flavor?? The smoke will linger on your tongue like a sugary snack, and is positively mouthwatering.

  • Nose- floral/bubblegum/fruit
  • Taste- fruit cocktail/candy/sugar/rose
  • Effect- perfect blend of mind and body calmness. Overindulgence can lead to munchies and solid afternoon naps.

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