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Gas Station Hemp?

Just Dennis on Dec 6th 2020

Our first attempts at getting our premium smokable-grade hemp flower to customers was by wholesaling to local CBD dispensaries. We assumed that our high quality prepackaged product would be irresisti … read more

Indoor, Outdoor, or Greenhouse?

Just Dennis on Nov 13th 2020

As the hemp industry goes through its normal growing pains, the debate as to which kind of growing operation produces the best smokable flower continues.  Obviously, as a co-owner of an indoor-op … read more

Web Sites

- Just Dennis on Apr 11th 2020

It was never our intention to sell retail. Even now, our wholesale operation provides the bulk of our revenue and allows us to concentrate on the thing that we value the most- growing quality hemp. … read more

Credit Card Processing

-Just Dennis on Apr 8th 2020

For those of you looking for a good credit card processor for your CBD/Hemp Company, there are precious few options. Of those that show up on a google search, many are very sketchy with little histor … read more