Blending Marijuana and Hemp Flower

Blending Marijuana and Hemp Flower

Just Dennis on Mar 13th 2021

We know, as premium hemp growers, that our flower is used in a variety of ways. However, we were surprised to learn that it's being blended with marijuana.

When we began to get orders from customers in California and Oregon, we were naturally bewildered.  Why, we asked ourselves, were customers ordering from Chatttannoga TN when they lived in "Cannabis Central?"

Marijuna strains have grown increasingly powerful over recent years.  So much so, that smokers have been looking for a way to ratchet down the effect just a bit.  Not wanting to sacrifice the great taste and aroma of well-grown weed, smokers have been actively searching for hemp strains that can stand up in a heavy blend.

This new group of "blend smokers" have discovered that indoor-grown hemp is the only real choice.  Without the controls that indoor-grown hemp provides, a blend will not be able to provide the consistently in quality and experience for which serious smokers search.

At Next Generation Farms, our growing techniques mirror (and sometimes exceed) our marijuana-growing brothers/sisters.  Boutique, premium, indoor-grown hemp is the only thing you should be blending with your top-shelf marijuana.

Don't believe us?  Get a few grams and try it out.  You won't be disappointed.

(use of marijuana in this article assumes locations where it has been designated as legal).