Credit Card Processing

-Just Dennis on Apr 8th 2020

For those of you looking for a good credit card processor for your CBD/Hemp Company, there are precious few options. Of those that show up on a google search, many are very sketchy with little history. 

One possibility that we entertained was They seemed to have a good reputation, were receptive to questions, and prompt with their customer service when we were exploring them as an option. However, we weren't able to use them. The metric that they use to determine "legitimate" hemp was 0.3% of TOTAL THC. That wasn't going to work with most of the strains that we were growing.

We were fortunate to get enrolled in's Early Access CBD program. It took about 4 months to get accepted, but I believe it was worth the effort.

The process to get accepted into the Early Access CBD Program begins by filling out a very short application here. Although, they indicate that the process will only take a couple of weeks, count on at least two months, if not longer.

At some point, you will receive a phone-call from Squareup indicating that you have been accepted. They will tell you that an email is forthcoming and will arrive soon. Again, their definition of "soon" is up to interpretation. It took about 2 more weeks to receive the email. It provided a link that seemingly took me back to the same application that I filled out earlier. However, completion of the application, this time, took me directly to building my account.

There was no indication while building the account that I was, in fact, enrolled in the CBD program. I emailed my previous point-of-contact and asked him to confirm that I was doing everything as I should. About a week later (sigh), he replied and confirmed my efforts. He also told me that I would be getting notifications from Squareup "soon" that would require me to provide various documents (including the COAs). It's been 3 weeks since his reply, and noone else has contacted me.

Some advantages of using Squareup as a hemp/cbd merchant:

  • They provide both credit card processing and a website platform through Weebly. The integration between the two is excellent.
  • They will allow you to sell hemp flower. Many credit card processors will accept CBD products, but not actual unprocessed hemp flower.
  • Their THC threshhold level is based on 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Some credit card processors that use the "total THC" level.
  • Their rates and fees are competitive with other credit card processors that deal with CBD companies.

Some disadvantages of using Squareup as a hemp/cbd merchant:

  • Their customer service is terrible.
  • Their customer service is terrible
  • Their customer service is terrible

No, that was not a typo. Their customer service is really that bad. Fortunately, there is very rarely a problem that can't be worked out as an end-user. If you do have to talk to a representative, be prepared for delays and a conversation with someone outside of the Continental U.S.

Bottom line- we recommend Squareup if you are new CBD/Hemp company. However, if you know some better options, post a comment and share the information.